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A quilting kit from Pine Street Quilts is an excellent way to get everything you need to create a magnificent quilt. Your kit includes the pattern and fabric necessary to make the top and the bindings, and we can help you find all the sewing tools and other supplies you need.


Whether you're a beginner quilter or a longtime veteran, a kit makes your project easier. They also make great gifts for any junior quilters you may know.

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You'll find a huge variety of quilting kits in our showroom. Choose from over 75 table toppers, different patterns for quilts of every size - from baby quilts to king-size quilts. We're always getting new stock, and you'll love our themes and styles.

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  • Christmas

  • Halloween

  • Seasonal themes

  • Fairies and pixies

  • Infant, crib, and nursery styles

  • Table runners

  • Wildlife and animals

  • Lighthouse prints

  • Cats

  • Flowers

  • Geometric patterns

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Kits For Sale

Winterberry Cloud Nine  -  $58    54” x 70”

Winterberry Cloud Nine-Kit page

Ebb & Flow made with Batiks  -  $55    64” x 72”

Ebb & Flow made with Batiks-Kits page

Penguins Frolic in the Snow  -  $60    54” x 54”

Penguins Frolic in the Snow-Kits page

Silly Snowman  -  $43   45” x 54”

Silly Snowman-Kits page

Midnight Masquerade  -  $18.50    48” x 28”

Midnight Masquerade-Kits page

Cardinal Rule  -  $65    47” x 65”  

Cardinal Rule-Kits page to kits page