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Start your next quilt with

one of our fun panels.


Quilting Panels Panels

A spectacular quilting panel from Pine Street Quilts can make your next project fun and easy. A panel is a pre-printed piece of fabric that's typically 18 x 44 inches. It forms the centerpiece of your quilt, but you customize everything around it.


All you do is pick one of our pre-printed panels and then choose coordinating fabric for the rest of the quilt. We'll be glad to help you find fabric that complements your panel, and we have over 3,000 bolts from which to choose.

Fantastic quilting panels make quilting easier

The beginning of a great gift

One of our quilting panels can be the focus of a great gift that a grandchild, niece, nephew, or other friend or relative will treasure for years to come. You'll find over 50 panels in stock, and we receive new ones all the time.

  • Baby, toddler, and child themes

  • Floral panels

  • Christmas

  • Cartoon

  • Seasonal

  • Wildlife

  • Cooking

  • Lighthouses

Inspire Your Creativity With

Quilting Panels


Panels For Sale

Holiday Magic  -  $7.50

HO HO HO  -  $7.50

Why?  -  $7.75

Why-panel page

Cheeky Pumpkins  -  $7.50

Cheeky Pumpkins-panel page

Church Ladies  -  $7.75

Church Ladies-panel page

Rejoice  -  $10.75

Rejoice-panel page Holiday Magic HOHOHO